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Tin Farming On Causewayhead Cassette

Tin Farming On Causewayhead Cassette

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'Tin Farming On Causewayhead' by ATV/PZ is the first release from our new cassette label, SG Tapes. Recorded at the Farmer's Arms, Penznace in December 2023, this is a mash-up/re-imagining of an ATV/PZ live event - remixed, booted around a bit and thrown down the stairs for good luck by sound merchant TAFX. This is where we are now, uncompromising, doffing our hats - if we had them - to nobody.

SG Tapes are strictly DIY, short-run, indie. Just like the good old days - late '70s/early '80s - before kissing arse for a Mercury prize became mandatory.

Expect more experiments, maybe even silence and other stuff we happen to like, from SG Tapes in the future.

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