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Alternative TV 'Direct Action' LP 12'' Vinyl

Alternative TV 'Direct Action' LP 12'' Vinyl

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Direct Action is not the sound of a bunch of 60 something dad dancing losers trying to rediscover their glory days. On this album ATV explore improvisation, drones and power electronics to create 6 instrumental tracks which finally set fire to the 'punk' label that the band still seemed to be saddled with.

So, Direct compromise...check it out if you've got the eardrums for it.

Limited to 600 copies

Side 1
1. The Hammer
2. Causewayhead
3. Saudade

Side 2
1. Free The Nipple
2. Cornelius C
3. Direct Action

12" Vinyl, Alternative TV 'Direct Action' LP
Fourth Dimension Records 2023
Cat No. FDLP146

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