Sniffin' Glue 9! April/May 77

Sniffin' Glue 9! April/May 77

46 years ago Sniffin' Glue 9 struggled out from our new office space in Dryden Chambers in Oxford Street. Run out of time in April, hence the April/May dateline! Edited by Steve Mick, it also happened to be his last issue, which tells you that all was not completely happy in the Glue family.

By this time, I was beginning to spread myself a bit thin, juggling my time between the fanzine, Step Forward Records and my band Alternative TV. Probably decided to give Steve the editorial reins in order to give myself a bit of breathing space.

SG 9 wasn't a bad issue. Articles on the Damned and two recent Step Forward signings, the Cortinas and the Models. Some cool gig and record reviews too, including Danny Baker's first attempts, on Johnny Moped, no less. Highlight of this issue, if I say so myself, has to be my review of the first Clash album, "The truth..." as I put it. Hearing this for the first time reminded me of when I heard the Ramones back in early '76. It sounded crucial, the start of something, in spite of my reservations about the band signing to CBS. In the long run, I think I was right about CBS, but, in May 1977, the Clash were still our leaders and they'd recorded a great album to prove it.

Elsewhere, too many ads plus our pin-up, a cool note and sketch from Joey Ramone - " To Mark P and all at Sniffin' Glue, 1-2-3-4 don't punk out!!!

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