SNIFFIN' GLUE 7! Feb' 77

SNIFFIN' GLUE 7! Feb' 77

This month in 1977, Sniffin' Glue 7 had hit the streets with a cover featuring Don Letts, the Adverts and the Gorillas. The shared cover came about because I couldn't make up my mind what to go with. All three of them seemed to be the best compromise.

The issue featured quite extensive interviews with both the Adverts and Don by me and an excitable live report on the Gorillas by Steve Mick. Also, some nice record reviews including the Ramones' second album 'Leave Home' - as good as their first if not better - plus the Buzzcocks' 'Spiral Scratch' ep. In my book, the first truely independent punk record, put out by the band and their manager Richard Boon on their own label. A milestone! It happens to be good too, which always helps. No good promoting indi DIY etc if it sounds and looks crap.

Cool 'pin-up' by Erica Echenberg features the Damned. Slightly incestuous because, by this time, Erica was going out with guitarist Brian James. Yep, Sniffin' Glue, keeping it in the family.

Quote of the month - "After telling Billy Idol to get singing lessons, the Glue's own Harry Murlowski... told Mark P to get typing lessons!". Charming.

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