Sniffin' Glue 12! August/September 1977

Sniffin' Glue 12! August/September 1977

46 years ago SG12, edited by Danny Baker, not so much as hit the streets, more like struggled into existence following my decision to make it the last issue.

The truth is, I just wasn't that interested anymore, most of my time being taken up with Step Forward Records and Alternative TV. The result was an issue that is so full of brow beating and self-loathing that it could no longer be described as the leader of anything, let alone punk fanzines, anymore. The irony, of course, is that it ended up selling over 20,000 copies! Easily our biggest seller.

The only proper articles in it was a piece on Sham 69 from Danny and a bit about Generation X by, as Danny put it, ‘a Canadian Geyser' (Jeremy Gluck, later in the Barracudas, wrote as Ralph Traitor etc etc).  My contributions consisted of record reviews, including a Chiswick Records overview which quickly descends into the aforementioned self-loathing, including "I want you to burn SG now and burn it good...!" Yep, it was the end alright.

On a more positive note, the issue also featured a cover mounted free flexi disc of Alternative TV's first single, 'Love Lies Limp', paid for out of our profits. Easily the best thing about issue 12 and a nice way of introducing readers to my band.

So, Sniffin' Glue didn't actually end on a high, unless you're counting copies sold, but its legendary status was assured. Thank God we ended it when we did though!

Quote of the issue - "I ain't gonna say Sham 69 are the answer...but they are a part of what I always thought this lark was about" - Danny Baker.

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