Sniffin' Glue 11! July 1977

Sniffin' Glue 11! July 1977

If issue 10 was a 'reassertion of control' after Steve Mick got the boot, SG 11, which crept out in July 77, was almost an admission of failure. Apart from a couple of bits by Danny Baker and a Jonathan Richman review by me, most of it was given over to contributions from others. A way of opening it out a bit maybe, but it ended up highlighting  that I didn't really know what to talk about in the Glue anymore. All my creative efforts were now firmly being focussed on Step Forward records and Alternative TV.

That said, there's still some decent things in here, including a terrific Throbbing Gristle 'collage' from Genesis P-Orridge, which doubles as an ad for their first album, plus a poetic missive from Sandy Robertson - "If the Clash win their struggle all they'll have is a bigger slice of the cake. If Television/Patti Smith group win theirs, they'll be beyond all that, heading for the stars. I know which idea excites ME more". Spot on, I wish I wrote that.

Elsewhere, Jon Savage contributes a rabble rousing collage and Mick Jones gives us his 'Commuique From Clash City', in which he tells us that at Marble Arch, "St. John's Abulance in attendance as Clash video is shown at Virgin record shop", amongst other things.

Definately worth the 30p but the end was nigh. 

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