Noah x Sniffin' Glue

Noah x Sniffin' Glue

After much cutting, pasting, old school typing, scanning, head scratching, hair pulling, chin stroking, wheeler dealing and spitballing...whatever that is... the day has finally arrived! Our collaboration with New York's Noah has finally hit the streets, and it's looking good.

As a legend of DIY culture, Sniffin' Glue has always tried to avoid falling into the trap of selling out - compromising and diluting our vision of true DIY Punk aesthetics. Because, as has happened to many other former icons of the original Punk scene, once that trap has been sprung, there's no going back. You end up with your original vision compromised, another glossy cover or turgid rock band lost amongst all the other dross, not being able to survive without accepting yet another ad or sponsorship. Destined for the recycling or bargain bins, next to the faded remnants of yesterday’s news.

When Noah first approached us, it all seemed at bit mad. I couldn't see the connection, my biggest question being, "Why, what's the point?" After chatting with them a bit and seeing their ideas, it started to become clearer. They wanted to tap into what we had, true old school Punk street cred. They didn't want to mess with it, just present it in a way that could fit onto their gear - tees, jackets, skateboard decks, slipmats.

Part of the deal was that we wanted control over how the range would be promoted. So, we recorded and edited the promotional video ourselves (mostly filmed in our local record shop, Junkwax, in Penzance, Cornwall), cut and pasted old school collages, using pics of New York band Stella Rose and the Dead Language wearing the clobber, and even put together a special 'best of' Sniffin' Glue giveaway, which I typed up and stapled together in the back room of my house. All DIY through and through. A true Penzance/New York mash up and we're quite proud of the way it's turned out.

So, the Sniffin' Glue X Noah launch day is here.  Check out the gear on their website - - or get to one of their outlets. Maybe even buy a shirt or two. Yep, Sniffin' Glue has finally sold out but we'd like to think that we've done it in style.

- Mark P


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