After uffing and puffing for about 20 years or so whether I should write an autobiography, someone else has gone and done it for me, sort of.

'Lost in Room: Mark Perry, Alternative TV and Related, 1977-1981' by Richard Johnson isn't a biography as such, more like the transcript of some fly-on-the-wall recordings of a couple of old geezers talking about Alternative TV in the post-punk pub of lost hope. Covering the early years, we talk about the records, the lyrics, the record labels, my state of mind, where it went wrong...and right...etc etc. Plenty of pics, lyrics, excellent intro by Graham Duff, discography, cover design by our very own Radley Cook, it's all here.

I'll let others decide whether it's any good or not, but I reckon that if you want to know anything about early Alternative TV, this is as good a place as any to make a start.

Available in the Sniffin' Glue shop, in hardback or paperback, here.

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